Hacksaw blade HSS-Co Bihart cobalt

Packing unit: 100 blades per carton (10 x 10 pieces)

This HSS bi-metalic hacksaw blade is made of two different types of steel. The cutting edge is made of hard HSS molybdenum steel and the saw blade body is made of alloyed heat-treated steel. The combination of the two types of steel in one saw blade makes the hacksaw blade extremely wear-resistant, unbreakable and gives it outstanding cutting durability. Suitable for all common materials. The ideal blade for high demands.

  • Article no. 312130024R
  • Total length L1
  • Packaging unit 100 piece
  • Total height H1 13,0 mm
  • Thickness 0,7 mm
  • Tooth spacing 10,0 mm
  • Tooth spacing (inch) 24 Tpi

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